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E-mail marketing continues to be another effective way to reach potential customers and existing customers to bring back to return to your online business.

Email marketing is a direct sale of commercial e-mail message (email) using group of people. In the broadest sense, every email sent to potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves the use of mail to send notices, requests for business, or to ask the sales or donations, and is designed to create loyalty, trust, and brand awareness.

Email Marketing can be done cold lists, or the existing customer base. In general, the term usually refers to:

Send emails to strengthen relationships with current or previous customers of merchants to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business,

Send emails with acquiring new customers or convincing existing customers to buy something immediately,

Adding ads to e-mail messages sent by other companies and their customers

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"Dakhsa Design helped us transform our old website into an eye-catching, business growing asset. The turn-around time on modifications we submit exceeds our expectations every time. The people are friendly and creative, and a pleasure to work with."

Robert Jones
BattsRUs Ltd.- Battery Online Superstore

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